Sarah Marries

Labor Day Weekend 2014
Labor Day Weekend 2014


My second daughter, Sarah, got married last weekend in a very small but very emotional ceremony. Only immediate family was invited; even the officiant was a family member, my son. While I have to admit that the way we got to marrying Sarah off was not the smoothest transition in the world, I am happy for her and for her husband, Dan Smith. They are just about perfect for each other. And it’s not about how I feel anyway.


My sister, Karla, helped me get over an ego-blindness about it all. In so many ways, although she is my baby sister, she is an older soul than I.


Suffice it to say that legally, Sarah is my step-daughter, but in my heart she and Dan are as much a part of my family as any natural (or un-natural) relation. I wish long life and long happiness to the new married couple.




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