Now what?

Retirement has arrived. I’m slowly learning the role those who are not in the workforce uphold in this culture. (Not very much.)

It will be my intent to add an article or some kind of writing to this document each week. More often if there is enough juice in an idea.

My favorites? Reading. Music (mostly the older stuff). Politics. Writing (sometimes writing about reading), Wine and Winemaking. I have no topics I’m not interested in. Follow along.

It just occurred to me that I must be pretty typical of a kind of person. I am a child of the 20th Century retiring in the 21st Century. I’m just a little off the line. Probably not too odd for anyone at this odd new age of 65.

I’m working on a piece about the Doobie Brothers. Remember those guys?  Was a weird time to be young.  Just listening to their old album Minute by Minute, 1978. I turned 28 that year and was just about at the end of my association with Doobies of any kind. Anyway, look for that pretty soon.

Maybe tomorrow I can get this weird kind of critique of  a Stephen King novel I just finished.  BTW I don’t do this for any gain. These are just prompts for my writing. I intend to attribute any original material other than my own. I guess you would have to consider this “academic” use.

See you soon. Stay tuned.